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Adult Dance Brighton

"Don't be a Cement Mixer be a...

cement mixer: noun: informal 1930’s slang term meaning…. a terrible dancer


“Mind your toes, Bob, she’s a cement mixer….and she’s on her way over!”


ducky shincracker: noun: informal 1940’s slang term meaning…. a good dancer!


“Ooooh look at him, Babs, he’s a right ducky shincracker……me first!”

Your home of Adult Dance & Yoga in the Brighton area.

Whether you were a prancing, dancing child OR a desperate dancing dreamer ………it’s never too late to pick up those dancing shoes again or learn a new skill.

You may be an advanced, stretchy Yogi OR a nervous, knotted newbie……..There is a class for you to  find your inner strength and outer stretch.

No matter your age, shape, size or sense of humour… we welcome you as long as you bring a good attitude and willingness to learn.

However, please don’t mistake this for a bunch of bonkers adults just floating around in their own bubbles, dreaming of a life that could have been ……….We offer excellent classes that can take you through your paces, challenge your braincells & workout your bodies.

Tap Dance has always been our specialty with a variety of levels available from ‘Brand New Beginner’s up to the more Advanced Tappers, and yes it is possible to start at any age and work your way up (no exams though people, just at your own comfortable pace)

From this fabulous foundation we have increased our variety of dance styles & classes available to give you a more all-round dance experience. 

Dance & Yoga are the perfect combination as they work the body together in a perfect symbiotic relationship, which is why we have come together to offer you these classes under one roof.

To complete this experience and ensure our bodies are being fully worked out & balanced, we have crafted a timetable to allow you the most benefit in the least amount of time……

The Perfect Pairs (no not couples’ classes here) They are pairs of classes combined on one evening, perfectly designed to complement each other and at similar levels. So, you may take a rigorous dance class and then stretch and tone with a corresponding yoga class, or warm up with a Ballet Bootcamp and follow it with some singing and tapping. They come with generous discounts too, so be sure to check them out when you book.


Our Dance Collection

This is for absolute beginners to tap dance and also those who have had little previous alternative dance training.  It is a great place to get to grips with your tap foundation from which your technique will be able to grow.


You feel the next level is getting overwhelming and you want to go back to basics. You are welcome to stay in this level for as long as you like.  We will cover posture, rhythm, foot placement, co-ordination and learn steps such as Taps, Beats, Digs, Springs Shuffles, Paradiddles, Ball Changes and begin short, slow combinations of steps.

You are confident with the Level 1 basic steps and are ready to learn more complex combinations which will form the basis of all of our warm up exercises such as Time Steps, Shuffles, Pickups, Waltz steps and Cramp rolls.


You have tapped before and just need to learn the warm up exercises before transitioning to the next level.

These will be taught in slow and repetitive bursts, to enable you to build muscle memory and eventually speed and precision.

The courses run by Adult Dance Brighton are suitable for all ages and will give you a lot more than a spring to your steps. There is a very sociable ambiance and the eclectic range of music adds to the varied nature of the tap lessons.

To join the Intermediate class, you know most of the warm up exercises from Level 2 and are ready learn more complex warm up combinations such as Suzie Q’s, corner work and so on, whilst maintaining a fairly steady pace and still reviewing the detail.


You are an experienced tapper who can pick up the warm up exercises “on the hoof” so to speak but needs a little breakdown on each exercise before learning and moving to the next level.  Each week we will review at least one warm up exercise/combo in detail and there will also be dedicated time to learning new steps and routines.

You are confident of the exercises in level 3 and are ready to take the next challenge of working them quicker and learning more complicated combinations and a greater level of new work and routines each week.


You have been tapping confidently for a number of years and can pick up the warm up exercises and combinations at an up-beat speed without much step breakdown.  The classes run by Adult Dance Brighton are suitable for all ages and will give you a lot more than a spring to your steps. There is a very sociable ambiance and the eclectic range of music adds to the varied nature of the tap lessons.

With our fabulous Collette you will work through a variety of familiar Ballet exercises, learn some new skills  and  work towards a gorgeous dance routine each week…..and the twist will be in the music……no “Plinky Plonk Piano” here …expect anything beautiful and inspiring, from Power ballads to Prince & Puccini

For those with a little more dance or fitness experience , Katie will put you through your paces with a ballet inspired workout starting with a Warmup to get you glowing , followed by glorious exercises to sculpt, tone and define your legs and arms and giving your full body a cardio workout routine. 
Then finally, strengthen and stretch on the mat followed by some time to relax and rejuvenate….. Perfect!
sleek technique

Using the basic elements of ballet you will gently lengthen, strengthen and tone those arms and bodies in a relaxing ballerina type workout.

Classes will include:

Basic barre fitness workout
Centre work transitioning barre work into a flowing dance routine
Stretch and tone on mats
Relax 5 mins (Ahhhh lovely !)
No experience required ….Katie will guide you on your way to elegant loveliness .

Acapella choir using our own tappy feet as the percussive element.  Anybody is welcome to join this uplifting class of song, foot percussion & laughter….its experimental so be a part of something new and unique!

Jazz and musical theatre-based exercises with a new sassy routine, to whatever music we fancy!
General level: We will cover a range of warm up exercises including stretches, isolations, arms, corner work and combinations. Each week we will learn part of a routine building towards a varied repertoire of fabulous dances.


Classes are broken into Terms, roughly aligned to the Brighton State Schools.  The Winter Term coming up is:

Dance: 16th September to 13th December with a half term break for a week, starting 28th October

Yoga: 16th September to 20th December with a mid-term break: 7th November to 18th November

Adult Dance Brighton | Ducky Shincracker Timetable timetable

Our Yoga Collection

Freed’ommmm’ yoga is a series of postures held for five minutes at a time, which will help release tension and allow for deeper flexibility and freedom of movement. This is a perfect match for the dancer and non dancer alike….its basically body therapy!

Also a perfect combo with the Hatha’Go’ course

(N.B not suitable of you are pregnant)

A Restorative and healing supported yin yoga with self massage techniques to help soften and release tight connective tissue, known as fascia.  Excellent for those with old injuries or general body stiffness…….we all need an M.O.T

(N.B not suitable of you are pregnant)

A great foundation course for those ‘new’ to yoga practice.  Hatha yoga helps you to centre and balance your dancing bodies and bouncing brains..builds stamina, strength  and flexibility.

A dynamic yoga sequence to make you strong, open, energised and flexible.

You need to have completed the Hatha “Go” course (or similar) before taking part in this practise. This needs the strength of mind and body to work through the physical and mental challenges of Vin’yass’ahhhhh!

The Team

Rachel Pittman

Rachel Pittman

Owner & Dance

Yoga Teacher Bio Headshot

Crystal Faith


Katie Bio Headshot

Katie Fletcher


Dance Teacher Bio Headshot

Collette Goodwin


The Studios

Join us in our fabulous New Studios by London Rd station.  Purpose built with :

  • sprung floors
  • mirrors
  • air conditioning
  • changing rooms
  • bike storage
  • communal area
  • & happiness thrown in!
sprung floors, mirrors, air conditioning, changing rooms, bike storage, communal area, & happiness thrown in!
sprung floors, mirrors, air conditioning, changing rooms, bike storage, communal area, & happiness thrown in!
Adult Dance Brighton Studios
From main London Rd Station head right down the Mews to the end of the road, Studios on the right

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequently asked questions and answers

Please note that within the Dance & Yoga studios themselves, no outdoor shoes should be worn, and only water can be consumed, although feel free in the communal areas and changing rooms. However, the entire premises is a


(although we do allow a little crazy !)

What should I wear to Yoga ?

Comfortable, flexible and breathable clothing that wicks sweat from the body and allows you to move freely and unencumbered. Leggings and t-shirt are ideal

No socks, just your bare feet.

Do you have changing rooms ?

Yes, we have a Male & Female separate changing room, which is a large open space with a shower and WC’s.

If you are transgender or gender non conforming (TGNC) you are very welcome to use the changing room that matches your gender identity, regardless of whether you are making a gender transition or appear gender non-conforming.

Do you supply matts and blocks ?

Bringing your own mat is ideal for comfort and hygiene reasons. Crystal has a supply of excellent non slip mats available for £30, which you can buy on your first class, and more specialist mats are available upon request.

However, Crystal will always have spares if you need to borrow one.

Blocks and bands will be supplied by Crystal.

Where can I park ?

There are paid, on street parking spaces all around the studio and surrounding area, and whilst we have never had problems finding an available space it is worthwhile leaving yourself some extra time to park…generally once you’ve been a few times, you’ll know where all the best spaces are!

How do I get there on Public Transport ?

By Train …London Rd Train Station is literally a Tap Step away from the studios, with direct access to Brighton station and a plethora of other areas.

By bus… you are also very well served with many nearby stops from all over Brighton.

By bicycle… we have a secure bike store (Code given on request)

By Car…please see parking FAQ 

What should I wear to Dance ?

Comfortable and breathable clothing works best, with appropriate shoes for the class.

Tap dancers need to keep their lower legs and ankles fairly free and are better off learning on a lower heeled tap shoe. It is advisable to try on your tap shoes rather than buying on line, as sizing can vary dramatically. Dancia in Portslade is the nearest specialist stockist.

You will also need a yoga mat or towel for Ballet Bootcamp & Grace & Flow, along with comfortable clothing, ballet shoes, bare feet or grip socks.

Above all…come as casual or as fabulous as you like!