A few words from students past and present.

I have been going to Drew’s tap dance classes for 3 years. The classes are fantastic – Drew is a brilliant teacher who is really supportive and clear at the same time as being able to challenge you and help you progress. It is a safe environment where I always feel happy to ‘have a go’ – I would recommend his tap dance classes to anyone – they are a very fun way to learn to dancing! Kate Heym

I’ve only been attending Drew’s tap dance classes for 4 weeks but already feel I’m getting back in the swing of it! (I used to tap dance as a child). The tap classes are relaxed and enjoyable and he’s an extremely clear teacher who teaches to a high standard whilst keeping everything lighthearted and fun! I’m looking forward to next term. Milly

I’d like to say the following: that Drew’s tap classes have to be one of the most fun things to do in the whole of Brighton (and that’s saying something!)  The giggle factor in his tap classes is just the same as the fun factor: high!  He is (clearly!) a highly trained professional dancer whose tap classes are high-energy as well as outrageous fun!  He makes the perfect teacher: mixing professionalism with fun with just the right ratio!  I made some wonderful friends almost straight away and really look forward to his tap classes every week.  They really are one of the highlights of my week!  I also leave his classes feeling like I’ve done a good hour’s workout yet totally without the boredom of a gym or most other types of exercise … what other form of group exercise could be more fun than tap dancing?! Lucy O’Toole

Drew’s tap classes are great fun………the standard of teaching is very high but in a relaxed atmosphere. Its really good exercise and everyone is very friendly, most ( but not all) went to tap dancing classes as children and have taken it up again later in life!  We strive hard to work towards our annual performance which is always a big hit, and enjoy getting dressed up for those 3 minutes of our routine but more importantly the party and a few drinks in celebration afterwards. Drew is a very patient and talented teacher, he strives hard to get the best out of us , even if we can’t remember the steps from week to week………..these are the best tap dancing classes you will find anywhere not just on Brighton, we are very lucky. Christine

We have been going to Drew’s tap dancing class for the last 2 or more years and have really enjoyed them. He makes the tap class such fun and we were travelling 20 miles each way to get there. Even if you are rubbish at tap dancing he would make you feel ( like every good teacher should ) that you are doing really well. We are having to give up as the tap class times and venues are changing but we are very sad about it and know we will not find another teacher as good! Carole Drewery & Hannah Williams

“I’ve been doing Drew’s tap dance class now for 10 months and while I was rusty at first, I can now do many of the technical steps and love the routines which are built on each week.  Drew explains everything really clearly and works on technique gradually so before you know it the steps which at first looked fiendish become manageable!  He makes the tap dance classes such fun and is really inspirational.  Come and give it a go!” Deborah Mercer

‘Drew’s Jazz Dance classes were the highlight of my week! Not only was the warm up exactly what you needed to stretch; raise your heart beat and push you technically, the routines were varied, exciting and always fun to do. He is a very good, patient yet productive teacher who always leaves us tired but happy after class.’ Amanda Faulkner

As an older ‘Tapper’ beginner I was really nervous when I first started dancing with Drew about 3 years ago.  I need not have worried because he made the classes such fun that I really looked forward to the class each week.  Not only fun, but I have learned so much.  Drew is a great teacher who pushes you but always makes it enjoyable and you are never made to feel silly.  I would recommend his classes to anyone who loves to dance. Bryony Culshaw

Drew is an excellent teacher, he makes the tap dance classes fun, full-on and fantastic! Rachel Mallalieu

“Drew- thank you so much for your excellent Tap dance and Jazz dance classes.  Not only are you a great dancer but a talented choreographer and a very patient and fun teacher. Your jazz and tap dance classes are the best tonic.” Jane Busby

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