The Business They Call “Show” Pink Paradiso

by Cathryn Setz (2006)

Bedecked in pink glitter and camp as Christmas, the audience was transported to another era entirely. Forget post-modern, the Pink Paradiso was an extravaganza of 1920s Berlin-style decadence.

Under the masterful direction and choreography of Drew Wood, The Old Market Theatre saw a run of spectacular cabaret in the form of the Pink Paradiso…

“The Pink Paradiso tap-danced its way across the entire vaudeville stomping ground. Not bad for Hove.”

This is what it must have been like in the heady days of the ‘twenties: those slightly seedy yet gorgeous Berlin clubs a la Liza Minelli in the film ‘Cabaret’, with sexy chair dancing and everything. I quite forgot it was 2006, so evocative was the experience.

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