About Us

DrewMirrors_001The website for all adults who love to dance and live in, or near, Brighton.

Our classes are held in three of the best dance school studios in Brighton and Hove, with special flooring, lighting, changing room facilities and refreshments; they are also easy to find with good public transport links nearby.

We focus mainly on Tap Dancing which is one of the most impressive dance forms, both exciting and exhilarating to learn and watch. Whether you’re a seasoned tap enthusiast, someone returning after several years or a complete newcomer, dance is fun, keeps you fit, healthy and flexible whilst improving balance and co-ordination skills. It can also be a good way to meet people, develop new friendships and enjoy the odd social event with your fellow students. See previous students testimonials about Adult Dance Brighton classes and reviews of shows.

Drew DancingOur small team of teachers are all experienced, professional dancing instructors and choreographers; principle teacher is Drew Wood who trained for 3 years at Northern Ballet School in Manchester and has over 27 years dancing under his shoes.

Adult Dance Brighton also run a smaller number of classes in other dance styles including Jazz, Ballet and Contemporary. Contact Drew Wood for further details.

All classes are relaxed and friendly, providing the ideal way to learn.

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