TapTastik at Britain’s Got Talent Semi-Final

30 May 2017
TapTastik closed the show on the second night of the semi-finals, literally with a bang! With a routine that paid tribute to the golden era of Hollywood musicals (perfected over a short period with rehearsals of 6 – 9 hours per week), they shone in every way, including their beaming smiles. Although it marked the end of their journey, no one could be sad because they had every reason to be proud of their performance and the whole experience had been magical.

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Classes now finished for summer break.

Dear everyone,

classes have now finished for the summer and will return in September 2016.

There is a new total beginners tap course commencing as well as all the other usual dance classes. Please check the the different pages for information on individual classes and styles.

Thank you again for all your support over the last year, I very look much look forward to seeing you all again in September with some new faces too.

If you have any questions on any of the up and coming courses in September, please email Drew for further information, he will be picking up emails at points over the summer break.


Please email Drew for more information.

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New Beginners Tap Course Starting This Week…

To all you budding Fred Astaire’s and Ginger Rogers’ out there, there is a new 5 week introductory course starting this week on Thursday 25th September 6:30-7:30pm at the new Bird Studios, Brighton. The studios are located on New England Street, just off Preston Circus, Please email Drew to register your interest.


Course Fee – £38.00

Duration – 5 Weeks

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Beginner Levels Tap


 Starting date: Wednesday 20th Sept, 2017

Duration: 6 weeks
Day: Thursday 7.00pm till 8.00pm

Location – Downs Junior School, Location 1

Please email Drew to added to the mailing list for the next course. Those on the mailing list get first refusal of a space, before the course is advertised on the website.


Start Date: Monday, 11th Sept, 2017

Duration: 7 weeks
Day: Thursday 7.30pm till 8.30pm

Location – Downs Junior School, Location 1



Start Date: Thursday, 14th Sept, 2017

Duration: 7 weeks
Day: Thursday 7.30pm till 8.30pm

Location – Bird Studios, Brighton, Studio 3, Location 2



Please email Drew for more information.

If you have no experience of tap dance but think it looks like fun (it is!), Total Beginners Tap Dance is the course for you. Starting with basic steps and progressing steadily through the weeks with different tempos and combinations of steps, you won’t feel like a total beginner for long. For beginners level 1 to 4 a knowledge of the basics is needed as these classes have already done 1 to 3 terms of 12 weeks.

The classes run by Adult Dance Brighton are suitable for all ages and will give you a lot more than a spring to your steps. There is a very sociable ambiance and the eclectic range of music adds to the varied nature of the tap lessons.


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Improvers Jazz



Location – Downs Junior School, Location 1

The new 7 week Jazz class make a return for another course, led by Alice Redmond, who has many years’ experience in the field as dancer and has recently been seen in Cats.

A small knowledge of dance is needed to feel at ease with this course, or if not, just a great willingness to learn. The class is very aerobic, with 1 hour of dance to a soundtrack of uplifting music that contributes to its positive and energising effects.

This course is very popular and early booking is required due to limited spaces being available.

Please Note:
Contact Drew for more details with regard to prices and any other queries. All the above courses and classes are for adults only so you need to be 16 years or over to take part. Early booking recommended. All course fees paid are non-refundable.

Contact Drew for more information on any of the courses using the link below.
Email: Drew Wood

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Brand New Beginners Jazz & Tap Courses Announced…

We are very excited to announce that in September, after great demand, there will be two brand new Total Beginners courses in Jazz & Tap starting Monday 8th September.

Total Beginners Tap 7-8pm

Total Beginners Jazz 8-9pm

Brand New Venue to be announced very soon,

Please email Drew to register your interest in either of these courses, demand is already high for these courses and there are only limited spaces available for each course.


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Intermediate Tap


Start Date: Tuesday, 12th Sept, 2017

Duration: 7 weeks
Monday, 6.15pm till 7.15pm

Location – Downs Junior School, Location 1

You will need to have had at least a 2/3 year’s tuition in tap dance to join the Intermediate level 1 course, which is at a much quicker and more challenging level than course 1.  It is also ideal if you have had lessons in the past and are keen to ‘pick-up tap’ again and improve your technique.

The classes run by Adult Dance Brighton are suitable for all ages and will give you a lot more than a spring to your steps.  There is a very sociable ambiance and the eclectic range of music adds to the varied nature of the tap lessons.

Please email Drew for more information on when new courses may be starting and to be added to the mailing list.

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Tap Spring is in the air…

Adult Dance Brighton is pleased to announce the new Spring Term timetable for 2014 for Tap & Jazz.

In addition to the existing courses, there are two BRAND NEW Total Beginner Tap Courses, of which the first has already sold out. These are on Thursday Evenings at Rox Dance School. There are spaces still available for the 8-9pm course. A minimum of 10 students are required for this course to go ahead. Please contact us as soon as possible to register your interest or to enquire about this or any of the other courses that have spaces available.

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