Welcome to Adult Dance Brighton, the place for adults living in, or near to, Brighton, who like to dance.

Tap Class

We offer a variety of courses and classes in Tap Dance and Jazz Dance styles that cover the entire skills range – from Beginners to Advanced and even SemiPro standards.  Our Dance Classes are for adults only, aged 16+ years – book a course and find out why there is such a buzz about our dance lessons.  You will enjoy learning technical skills during Tap Dance and Jazz Dance classes in a fun and friendly atmosphere

You will also appreciate the eclectic choice of music spanning several decades in our Tap Dance classes, where you could find yourself dancing to an old-time classic like ‘Singing In The Rain’ and all kinds of familiar songs from musicals or a jazzy version of a modern classic like ‘Wonderwall’.  The music is selected to complement the varying rhythms of different steps, amalgamations and syncopation, making it a Taptastik combination.  As with the Tap classes, Jazz Dance classes combine technique with creativity, including learning a routine in easy stages and putting them all together, culminating in a final showstopper!

In addition, evening  Ballet and Contemporary Dance classes and courses are run by BRICTT on New England Street.  Drew Wood, the founder of Adult Dance Brighton, has a close relationship with the BRICTT as their Studio Manager and regularly hires from them.  Please check the Ballet and Contemporary pages for regular updates on future courses or contact drewwood@brictt.co.uk, directly.

Thank you for checking out our new website – please explore further. There is the facility to leave feedback (and we would love to hear from you) and obtain up-to-date information about Adult Dance Brighton courses and all related events and dance classes.  News will be regularly updated on the site and also on the Adult Dance Brighton Facebook page – please visit and ‘Like’ to join our online community, another friendly place – we look forward to seeing you there.

Contact Rachel Pitman for further details.

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